Leave your fear of heights behind you at the door. Are you looking for a new challenge, why not give bouldering a go?

What’s involved?

Unlike traditional indoor rock climbing, there are no ropes or harnesses with bouldering. Slip on your climbing shoes and enjoy the unique combination of a mental and physical workout. Bouldering routes, also known as ‘problems’, are there to be solved, sort of like a giant, physically exhausting and energising challenge, and you’ll need to think about where your arms and legs are going next in order to make it to the top or the other side.

Who’s it for?

Bouldering is for all ages, but you will need to be injury-free and relatively fit to take part. If you’re suffering from back or shoulder injuries, you should wait until these are healed before taking on the challenge, although bouldering is a great way to increase core strength and upper body strength, which can help to prevent back and shoulder pain in future.

What equipment do you need?

You don’t need anything to get started; later on once you get into the swing of things, you’ll want to invest in your own climbing shoes, chalk and other accessories.

Is bouldering a good workout?

You will wake up with muscles you never even knew you had hurting; no, really. Climbing is a great workout; here’s why:

1. It increases your flexibility – stretching and reaching for the next hold isn’t easy
2. It boosts your strength
3. It’s a great upper body workout, toning and strengthening your arms, back and shoulders
4. It also works out your lower body and core

Bouldering isn’t about speed or distance covered; there’s no ‘race to the top’. Instead, it’s all about completing routes or ‘problems’ which means you’ll need to engage your brain as well as your muscles to become an expert. It’s a low-impact sport that gets your adrenaline pumping and endorphins flowing – it can easily become addictive!

Try this awesome workout in our club in Campbelltown today! More are coming soon..