Heart Rate Training is an excellent way to measure your level of physical fitness. It can help you understand how your body responds to exercise. It is one of the most precise ways of measurement for physical fitness. Most importantly, it keeps you accountable!

1. What is a heart rate?

Heart rate is the number of heart beats per minute, the times per minute that the heart contracts.

2. What is the average heart rate?

Everyone is different in this category. The average resting heart for adults is 60-100 beats per minute. Typically for well trained athletes its 40-60 beats per minute.rate

3. How do heart monitors work?

Heart rate monitors come with a wireless chest strap that sends data to monitor. It provides real-time input on how hard and how efficiently you exercise. Based on an algorithm that takes weight, height, sex and age, the watch calculates the total number of calories burned during a workout.

4. How important is it to use a heart rate monitor during exercise?

It’s just as important as doing the actual workout. It’s good to know how your body is doing, and what a normal resting heart rate is and what isn’t. It’s also a good calculation of how hard or easy your workouts are. If you’ve measured how high your heart rate can go before you’re exhausted, that might be a good indication at where to stop next time.

We encourage everyone to try out our Heart Rate Classes. The classes range from 5-15 people and we foster a team environment where everyone supports each other. You are not in competition with anyone else around you. All that we ask is that you give every class your best effort. The heart rate monitor keeps you accountable and on track of your fitness. Try out a class today!