David was our first member at Iron Gym Browns Plains in 2014 and look at his amazing transformation. He originally joined “just to lose some weight” but training at our gym has allowed him to transform his entire lifestyle. David loves our convenient location and flexible hours which allow him to train when it suits him. David now says training has become part of his lifestyle, and he trains for enjoyment rather than focusing on just the results!

But, David’s transformation did not happen overnight! Hard work and consistency were the keys to his success!! He took motivation from his results and used this to train harder towards his goals.

David’s Training Tips-

1. Having the correct nutrition is vital to ensure you see results! Remember, nutrition contributes to 80% of weight loss!! Make sure you are eating the right food to ensure you reach your fitness goals!

2. Measure your progress frequently and use it to motivate yourself to keep going! Want to kick start your fitness goals and make a change like David? We look forward to seeing you at Iron Gym training towards your own fitness goals!

Look out for more transformations in the coming weeks!